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Creative & Marketing Support, Graphic Design & Printing, Web Development & Digital Marketing, Video Productions & animation, Event Design… or simply YOO Multimedia.

YOO is a multimedia agency that operates in the market for over 10 years, providing services and support mainly in the pharmaceutical, medical and health care sectors. We are specialized in all communication activities, from graphic design to web application consulting, from digital video productions to multimedia events organization. Trust, commitment, quality and fair prices are the elements on which the approach with our customers is based in order to grant successful projects and long collaborations. We focus our efforts on technology and efficiency, developing advanced working protocols on the field to fit with the modern communication market.

Web e Digital Marketing

Over the past 10 years, YOO Multimedia has developed extensive experience on that family of web products and services that nowadays are frequently used in all modern companies. Corporate websites, internal customized applications, e-commerce stores, Seo & Digital Marketing, social media management and internal marketing campaigns are the main fields in which we operate. The passion for internet and IT technology drives us to work with the most reliable and performing platforms.

Graphic Design & Printing SPT

Any company that sells services or products must somehow deal with digital or printed graphic products. Yoo Multimedia can offer both creative support or printing assistance for small graphics, like: flyers, leaflets, invitations, data sheets, catalogs, brochures and gadgets, and also to better cover the needs of a company, qualified support for large graphics like roll up banners, exhibition stands and event installations in general. Entrust the corporate identity to expert professionals it allows operating in compliance with the directives and strategies and prevent potential misalignment.

Digital Video Productions

Today videos have taken on a central role in the lives of all people, precisely because they have perfectly adapted to the new habits related to social networks and modern devices (smart phones and tablets). Once upon a time producing videos was very expensive and an exclusive luxury, but today thanks to Digital Camcorders, Drones, 3-axis stabilizers, advanced animation and SFX software it is possible to create any kind of video with the only limit of imagination. Corporate videos, product commercials, educational animations bring your company to a next multimedia level.

Events Support

Events are the best opportunity for a company to meet colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers, such as at conferences, fairs or internal business meetings. Events are a very expensive activity both on terms of organization & accommodation. For this reason, communication and the perceived climate in general should not be overlooked. Participants must perceive the presence of the company with its brand, they must not be bored and above all involved in a pleasant and memorable experience. For Business events, Yoo can provide outstanding and creative support at any Multimedia Level to amaze and be remembered.

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