3D Floors

3D floors are special floors that provide optical effects to those who walk over them, making it appear that under the floor there is a realistic three-dimensional environment.

The technique relating to special effects with regard to floors, in particular for those dedicated to bathrooms, is not new but only in recent years the technologies to make the effects more and more realistic have begun to get really serious, probably inspired by the murals created on the pavements by street artists, able to recreate realistic effects of depth that transform banal stretches of asphalt or pavement into real works of art.

In fact, it is easy to see photos and videos of flooring in bathrooms around the Internet that give the effect, for example, of a real ocean, populated by various marine animals or even abandoned wrecks, which seem be located just below the floor surface. All thanks to the epoxy resin with which self-leveling floors with three-dimensional sea effects can be created.

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Pavimenti In Resina 3d
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