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YOO is a multimedial agency operating on market since 2007, suppling services supporting all sectors particularly pharmaceutics, medical and healthcare. Our core business is communication: from graphic design to web development; from digital video production to multimedial events organisation. Confidence, commitment, quality and fair prices are the key elements of our relations with our customers, to succed in porjects and enduring cooperation. We concentrate our energies on technology and effectiveness, developing on the field advanced working protocols suitable for the modern communication market.

Web app development consulting

Last 10 years, the YOO Multimedia gained a wide experience on all products and services related to the web field, a must nowadays for all modern companies. Websites, custom made applications, e-commerce, digital marketing and SEO, social media management and marketing campains are just a few examples of our services. Passion for Internet technologies and IT drives us to work with the most reliable and performing platforms available on market.

Graphic design and printing services

To promote themselves by their customers, all kind of companies have to rely on graphic products whether digital or printed. YOO Multimedia offers creative support and assistancy on graphic printing of small and big format, such as: flyers, invitations, data sheet, catalogues, brochures and gadgets, roll-up banners, stands and event installations in general. For wide companies, entrusting the corporate identity to professional experts gives the advantage of respecting the internal directives and strategies avoiding any misalignment risk.

Digital Video Productions

Nowadays, videos have reached a central position in our lives, because they both fit two key elements of our daily life: social networks and mobile devices  (smartphone, tablet etc). In the past, video production used to be very expensive and an exclusive luxury. Today – thanks to digital cameras, drones, three axis stabilizers, advanced animation and SFX softwares – there is no limit of imagination to create no matter which audiovisual product. YOO Multimedia is specialized in video production for companies, product advertising, training animations, all allowing your company to reach the next step on a communication level.

Events support

For any company, events are certainly one of the best opportunities to gather collegues, partners, suppliers or customers. The event can be a very expensive activity, both in terms of money and organisation: thus, a company should make sure that the communication and general mood perceived during the event do not miss any detail. Participants shall feel the company presence and of its trademark and shall feel involved in a pleasant and memorable experience. YOO Multimedia offers creative support on all multimedial level, to make unforgettable events able to amaze all participants.

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