Team Yoo Multimedia

“It’s a good day to have a good day. Laugh more, worry less. Do more of what makes you happy. Be the best version of you. Try and fail. Don’t fail to try. Stay positive, regret nothing. Work hard be humble. Every day may not be good but there is something good in evry day. Live, laugh, love. Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself. Don’t forget to be awesome.”

Assad Abo Ata

Yoo Multimedia Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marika Arena

Deputy Chief, Accounting & Business Support Manager

Matteo Giardini

Operational Department Director, Full Stack Developer, SEO e UX Specialist

Francesca Casa

Graphics & Multimedia
& Sound Design Specialist

Francesca Scucces

Executive Office Assistant
& Event Production Controller

Giorgio Basile

OPEX Controller e Multimedia Accounting Assistant

Raffaele Iabichino

Full Stack Developer e Information Tecnologies Specialist

Giuseppe Amato

Graphics & Multimedia

Roberta Modica

Graphics and Multimedia