Web e Digital Marketing

Over the past 10 years, Yoo Multimedia has developed extensive experience on that family of web products and services that are now frequently used in all modern companies. Our Agency is specialized in the development and delivery of the following web services which actually contain numerous custom applications and opportunities:
Corporate websites
E-commerce stores
Internal customized applications
Search Engine Optimization
Digital marketing consulting
Internal Marketing Campaigns
Digital Business consulting
Social Media
Web Hosting Facilities
GDPR compliance
Security Systems
Today, this big family of services represents the essential tool for a company to take advantage of the opportunities deriving from the web: an ever-expanding virtual market which generates important profits & opportunities for those who know how to work. Web is a world full of opportunities, but it can also be insidious to find a way around a jungle of solutions. Our approach to the market is to propose open source solutions as they offer an unequalled quality / price ratio, are reliable and extremely flexible thanks to a network of hundreds of thousands developers who support community projects and place turnkey solutions on the market, reducing development costs.

Corporate websites and E-commerce stores

The web projects we create are based on consolidated open source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal for corporate sites; Magento and WooCommerce to sell online or to display organized catalogues. Nowadays, these open source platforms are widely used by both large and small brands. The advantages that open source platforms offer are unquestionable: quality, reliability, flexibility and cost containment due to a large market of plug-in extensions ready for use.

    Internal customized applications

    One of the greatest advantages of open source technology is given by the flexibility to customize projects and platforms according to customer needs. Usually the customization of proprietary software and applications is very complicated, since it involves high development costs often limited and tied to the owner. Thanks to open source technology, we can efficiently and economically develop customized applications for customers, using among thousands of ready to use plugins and extensions, which can be tested and evaluated before purchase. The same extensions can be modified to adapt even better to the customer’s needs.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Our decades of experience allows us to say that one of the most overlooked aspects of the web is the search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is critical for any company that is looking for customers on the web or selling products online, as it allows them to be found. Optimization for search engines is more a consultancy service than a product in itself, since it collects all the technical and semantic protocols that allow a site to position itself on the first pages of search engines such as Google. Yoo Multimedia has decades of experience in the SEO sector and has worked with all the Google algorithms, usually released every 2/3 years.

    Digital Marketing Consulting

    Digital Marketing is mainly linked to web giants such as Facebook for social networks, Google for search engines and Amazon for e-commerce. These platforms offer advanced services for the creation of sponsored ADS and Digital marketing campaigns aimed at the millions and millions of users who daily use these websites or platforms. Yoo Multimedia helps its customers to plan and control campaigns, profile their target and correctly measure the return on their investments (ROI) to vary or improve their digital marketing campaigns.

    Internal Marketing Campaigns

    Working in a large organization implies that managers coordinate and align thousands of workers spread across different territories or regional clusters. A multinational is like an orchestra: few people are enough to ruin the whole harmony. Yoo Multimedia supports large multinationals in internal marketing campaigns to always feed the sense of belonging of employees to the company but also to introduce new corporate assets that may derive from new acquisitions, transfers, adoption of new strategies, introduction of new technologies, protocols or the launch of new products.

    • Sending an email is not like sending a newsletter, especially if the goal is to communicate to a large audience of people. The newsletter service help companies to massively communicate with employees and to get-in touch with customers. The newsletter field is very delicate, as companies must distinguish themselves in a world saturated with messages, avoiding falling into the black hole of spam from which it is difficult to get out. Privacy Compliance, compliance with specific technical rules and the right ideas (text, graphics and images) are the mix that must be used to operate professionally and profitably.
    • Yoo Multimedia Digital business consulting is aimed at companies that feel the need to explore modern marketing and communication opportunities, check the adequacy or effectiveness of existing projects and internal activities or simply evaluate new value-added services. When we provide companies this type of consulting, our open source philosophy has always allowed us to share our skills even with our competitors, for example in those situations where the company cannot change suppliers, but still wants to review the project or simply make sure that the results are in line with company expectations.
    • Social Networks and virtual communities are now part of everyone’s life: consumers, freelancers, employees, companies, etc. Even if the monopoly is in the hands of Facebook, there are several business dedicated platforms where it’s possible to sell products, share ideas, connect professionals or simply connect internal employees in a more working and less playful environment. Yoo Multimedia offers advanced consultancy, support and trainings to profitably operate on all social networks types. We can also develop internal standalone community platforms 100% under corporate control.
    • Any web project or service that wants to be reliable must be hosted in a datacenter which offers solid structures, specific technologies and dedicated connectivity. Generally, a data center (or hosting provider) offer services such as: Domain Registration, shared or dedicated Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, cloud resources, CDN, dedicated IP, SSL certificates, remote Backup systems, IT security tools and advanced firewalls. But the world of hosting is quite incomprehensible for people who don’t have this kind of skills. The main risk is to under-dimension or, on the contrary, over-dimension the resources according to needs, choosing a technology that is not perfectly compatible with the project. Yoo Multimedia is able to assist customers both in the activation and in the direct management of these services.