The story of Yoo Multimedia

Yoo Multimedia was founded in 2007 by the Italian-Israeli Assad Abo Ata who, after the IED diploma as director and audiovisual producer, decided to combine his skills and his passion for advertising and technology giving life to a young and dynamic agency. In the first years of activity, YOO Multimedia was an individual company with external collaborators. Following in the footsteps of the proverb “Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now”, YOO quickly transformed itself into an ever larger and more solid reality by expanding its team with the hiring of its first employees: Marika Arena and Matteo Giardini who, to date, continue to be the two pillars of our agency. At present, YOO Multimedia serves more than 180 companies throughout Italy, as well as working with extreme pride for the national and European divisions of two giants of the world economy: Johnson & Johnson and Abbott.


years of experience


satisfied customers


guaranteed quality: the customer pays only if satisfied


availability and short response times


creative works done


average annual growth rate of 50% in the past 5 years

Business philosophy

The corporate philosophy is an extremely important element for any type of company, because it encompasses its values and the essence of its business model. YOO Multimedia’s philosophy can be summarized in these highlights:
  • 01

    Open Source technology to obtain the best value for money
  • 02

    Technology-based projects with market shares in the top 10 worldwide
  • 03

    Remote customer relationship that minimizes one2one meetings
  • 04

    Response time within 24 hours for an effective and efficient relationship
  • 05

    Price list for 90% of the products and services offered, to work in a clear and transparent way
  • 06

    Commitment and dedication to the customer, with the utmost attention for meeting deadlines and flexibility in case of emergencies
  • 07

    Absolute priority for customers with whom we have constant and long-lasting business relationships
  • 08

    Quality guaranteed for all our services: customers pay only if satisfied
  • 09

    Archiving of projects carried out for a minimum of 5 years
  • 10

    Corporate climate based on respect and mutual trust between employees, with the addition of a pinch of fun: jokes and laughter in our office are a must
  • 11

    Absolute transparency for employment contracts
  • 12

    Workstations assembled by ourselves for excellent performance
  • 13

    Generating sets, UPS, remote backups, radio signal amplifiers, Internet connection on various channels to be operational always and in any case: even during the end of the world.
where others look at the grass, we try to look at the horizon
  • where others look at the grass, we try to look at the horizon