The Structure

YOO Multimedia is an original and unusual company since it combines nature and technology. In fact, the agency is located in the heart of the Modica countryside and is surrounded by greenery and animals: two elements that contribute to the well-being of the company’s employees. The somewhat unusual location must not suggest that the simplicity of the rural environment is also reflected in the technological structure: the operational offices of YOO Multimedia have, in fact, advanced equipment worthy of an agency located on the top floor of a Manhattan skyscraper.


YOO Multimedia has several workstations, all equipped with Octa-Core processors, 520 GB M2 SSD hard drives, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and high performance Nvidia dedicated graphics cards. In addition, 27-inch (height-adjustable) curved monitors, ergonomic keyboards and advanced controllers allow our employees to work ergonomically and achieve true harmony with their personal work station. In addition to the powerful workstations, based on the Windows operating system, Yoo Multimedia also has several Lenovo Legion and Apple Mac Book Pro laptops.


The entire company is connected to a gigabit Lan network that connects all the workstations to a dedicated NAS with 8 western digital units mounted in the Raid 5 environment. This allows the whole team to share the same network unit and to read and write the same files with a connection speed of 1 Gbit per second. As for the Internet connection, the company uses 2 LTE operators in 4G to obtain greater redundancy.

Video and Photo Equipment

YOO Multimedia, both internally and through its collaborators, has state-of-the-art audio-video equipment such as: DSLR digital cameras, 3-axis stabilizers, drones, tripods, audio recording systems and other latest generation instruments. All these devices are updated very often: our company philosophy, in fact, provides for the purchase of medium-high-end products that are replaced frequently in order to guarantee our customers services provided with constantly updated equipment.

Linux Servers

YOO Multimedia has 3 main servers: one within the company, for local development, and two more hired by datacenters located in England and Italy. The local server allows us to develop web applications quickly and efficiently, since access is performed directly through the internal 1 GB Lan network. The other two servers are used to host our applications and our customers’ websites. The direct management of the server allows us to provide assistance quickly and economically thanks to Linux-based machines and WHM / Cpanel systems.

Security and Backups

Digital data represent the lifeblood of a company; the historical archive of his portfolio, the indispensable basis for any type of work activity. Data protection and security are essential elements for business continuity: for this reason, we guarantee them on three levels. The first level of security is entrusted to Kaspersky Antivirus Systems, Immunify360 and hardware firewalls, which deal with the protection of data from external threats. At the second level, the YOO Multimedia local data are stored in Raid5 Environment where, even following any damage, the data is automatically reconstructed. At the third and final level, data is saved locally on a weekly basis and online on a daily basis through automated backup systems.

UPS and power generators

Working in offices surrounded by nature is certainly an advantage for the well-being of all employees, but the technological adaptations required by the particular location of the company have been demanding. All offices are protected by Type 1 and Type 2 voltage arresters which safeguard electronic instruments from lightning and surges. Furthermore, for greater safety, the instruments are powered by a 6 kW double sine wave On Line UPS. Finally, to ensure business continuity, the company is also equipped with a current generator that activates automatically during blackouts.