Digital Video Productions

Nowadays, Videos have taken a central role in the life of all of us because they have managed to perfectly adapt to the two elements that occupy a good part of our daily lives: social networks and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Reaching the audience through audiovisual products is extremely easy because – unlike the years in which the usability of videos was exclusively linked to TV – today you can rely on a multitude of different channels, such as You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Yammer or simply corporate websites. In the past, video production was very expensive and represented an almost exclusive luxury. Today – thanks to digital cameras, drones, 3-axis stabilizers, advanced animations and SFX software – it is possible to create any type of audiovisual product with the only limit of imagination. To make the production of the videos even easier, Royalty Free licenses intervene, thanks to which it is possible to purchase musical and repertoire contributions in an economic and standardized way, without having to start negotiations with the authors. YOO Multimedia specializes in the production of corporate videos, advertising of products and educational animations that will allow your company to reach the next step at the communication level.

Corporate Videos

The digital era in which we are immersed has identified corporate videos as the right tool to tell the story of a company, its commitment to customers, the products it sells but also the people who are part of it. Telling the story of a company is not only a matter of promotion, but also a way to give the company an identity and develop the brand that represents it. YOO Multimedia has all the equipment and skills necessary to produce any type of video. Thanks to advanced production techniques, we give our customers the opportunity to see a preview of the final result of the project in order to be sure to proceed in line with their expectations.

2D Educational Animations

The YOO Multimedia team is able to create two-dimensional cartons, generally used for information and educational activities. Information campaigns are often used to massively update multinational employees on news concerning the company and their work, while educational videos are an excellent tool for making training courses clearer, more engaging and effective, while remaining usable even after some time. Furthermore, two-dimensional animations can be a valid tool for all those customers who need to intuitively illustrate the safe and effective use of their products.

Products Commercial

Nowadays, there are infinite possibilities for making commercial videos that promote services and products: the only limit is imagination. The commercials dedicated to the products are now within everyone’s reach: just think that it is possible to obtain excellent results with the use of just a few quality photos. To simplify the work, there are advanced motion graphics software that, thanks to special effects of various types, allow you to create impact videos in a few moves that can easily capture the attention of the target to which they are addressed.

Motivational videos

During corporate events, it is always nice to start the meeting with an opening video capable of motivating, transmitting enthusiasm, inspiring people and above all igniting emotions. Motivational videos do not necessarily have to be produced from scratch: sometimes it is sufficient to adapt and propose videos already available on the net (operating, of course, in compliance with copyright rules). Some motivational videos are instead produced within the company itself, involving employees or customers. In both cases, YOO Multimedia has the experience and tools necessary to quickly produce videos in line with the client’s communication objectives (greater collaboration, openness to change, commitment, flexibility, compliance, challenges, etc.)

Medical 3d animations

Unlike other types of video production, 3D animation remains a complex and expensive activity. Medical 3D animations are used to effectively promote and illustrate the technologies developed by the company, such as new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. 3D animations are widely used in the pharmacological field and in microbiology to reproduce environments or microorganisms not visible to the human eye. YOO Multimedia produces fully customized 3D animations or based on predefined models, adapted and animated according to customer needs.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are certainly one of the most used and popular training tools in the world: making them engaging, however, is really challenging. YOO Multimedia creates professional video tutorials of the highest quality using dedicated software and professional speakers. Most of the video tutorials are made by recording the teacher’s screen, but the teacher himself can greatly influence the quality of the video making it boring. In this activity, YOO Multimedia operates in two phases: in the first phase, the tutorial is carried out with the traditional method while in the second one we proceed with the reconstruction from scratch to obtain a clean, direct and more communicative product.

Photo Video Shooting

YOO Multimedia avails itself of the valuable contribution of a vast network of photographers and video operators scattered throughout the national territory and, if necessary, also internationally. As an agency, YOO Multimedia guarantees its customers the involvement of professional film makers, photographers and drone operators for every type of need.